The Little Dream Maker

The Little Dream Maker

On his 13th birthday, Adrien takes a taxi, alone, to the Three Hangmen Inn, where his mother is waiting for him at his party. But along the way, everything goes wrong: he has a car accident and fells into a coma. When he wakes up, he is in the Realm of Shadows.

In this new world where trees and cats can talk, he meets Nina, a young Dream Maker. With her butterfly net, she wanders over graveyards to catch dreams and sell them in small coloured boxes. She takes Adrien to the Dream Shop held by a malicious alchemist who casts a spellon the young boy: if Adrien does not bring him twelve brouzons – the local currency – before dawn, he will be turned into a ghost, and he will lose any chance to go back to the world of the living.

A night quest starts for the two young friends, with unlikely magicalencounters. Will Adrien be able to break free from fate? Will he manage to get back to the world of the living?

• the first novel for children by maxence fermine, author of Snow (more than 300 000 copies sold in france, translated in 17 languages)

• a modern fairytale between dream and reality with surprising andmoving characters• black and white sketches illustrating a story full of emotion

MAXENCE FERMINE is the author of thebestseller Snow, an elegant fiction that ponderson poetry, love and art. With his new book, The Little Dream Maker, he creates a new poetic world that will appeal to a younger readership (9 to 13).

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