49 days

49 days

“My name is Floryan; I’m 17-years-old. I died a few days ago: a bomb attack in the subway. I woke up in a sumptuous landscape of plains and mountains as far as eyes can see. A being of light came to me – an “Elohim” as he said. He offered me a choice: I could eitherfollow him in the Kingdom – some kind of paradise, he said, but I wasn’t allowed to see it before going there; or I could follow himto the Nihil, a gigantic abyss leading to… to what? That was thequestion! I don’t know anything about the Nihil, like I ignore everything about the Kingdom. And I have 49 days to make a decision. No more.The thing is that I’m not the only one involved in this choice…”

Fabrice Colin’s new two-part series, explores the mysteries of life after death. In this first opus, he brings us to the Interworld, a lost andforbidden place. The young Floryan will have to challenge his beliefs andconvictions to discover the truth about the world he will finallyenter. Because now the fate of humanity depends on his choice.

• Fabrice Colin won the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire (major french scifi/fantasy award) four times

• many best sellers in young-adult fiction (Bal de givre à New York, La Malédiction d’Old Haven, 20 000 and 30 000 copies sold in france in hardback, translated in several languages)

• a new series in the same vein as 1984

“Fabrice Colin writes images and makes every part of his stories fantastic.” Libération

“You can’t put his novels down.” L’Express

FABRICICE COLIN is one of the most talented French writers of the Generation X. From Science-Fictionto Fantasy, his skilled and elegant writing appealsto both a young and adult readership.

Publication date: november 2012

Pages: 400

Rights available: world

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