"My name is Nojoud, and I'm yemenite. My parents forced me to marry a man much older than me, I've been raped and beaten. At 10 years old, I asked for a divorce 3 mounths after my wedding. One day, while I was going to the bakery, I decided to not going back home and to take refuge in the tribunal. I stayed there until a judge has accepted to listen to me."

And Nojoud won. She's so proud of that. She broke a taboo. With the help of a lawyer, Chadha Nasser, of NGO and local press, Nojoud could divorced. An exceptional fact in Yemen where half of the girls are married before the legal age (15 years old), in total silence. Today, Nojoud dream of going back to school and studying law at the university. She would like to become a lawyer to defend repressed people. 

The true story of a child who defied the traditions archaism of her country. 


Publication date: January 2009

Pages: 286

Rights sold: Basque, Greece, Albania

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