The illustrated little lump 2

The little lump has grown up, speaks (at least he/she tries to), and has evenan opinion on the world around. But you would be foolish to think that theworse is behind you. Kids are just absolutely wild at this age!

Bogey under the table, tactful blackmail to get the most expensive andstupid toy... Prepare yourself to face up the hilarious surprises of your growinglump and the cruel truth that will burst all of a sudden from your children innocent mouth.

Within the pages of this second volume, Nathalie Jomard shares with herreaders the tribulations of a now “experienced” mother. It is useless to hopefor a well-deserved rest : it’s time for you to accept that a lump changes yourlife forever!


NATHALIE JOMARD is Cancer with Chocolate rising.After studying political science, art and communication,she turned illustrator… and mother!


Publication date: December 2012

 Pages: 182

Rights sold: Italy, Spain

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