This is no ordinary, pompous guide.

Lorànt Deutsch shares his discoveries in a book that reflects his character: quick, entertainingand unpredictable.

Did you know that the original town of Lutetia was not in the presentday location of Paris,but on the site of neighboring Nanterre? That the bodies of the last Gauls slaughtered bythe Romans are buried under the Eiffel Tower? That the first cathedral of France is to befound almost intact under the parking lot of a modern building in the 5th district of Paris?Behind the soberwalls of the rue Saint-Benoît, admire the 13th century defense towerbuilt by Philippe Auguste, visit the bistro owner who stores his wines in a Bastille jail cellthat miraculously escaped destruction and guess who is still hiding under the Pont-Neufstatue of Henri IV today…

You will return from your trip wide-eyed and delighted by all the sethings you neversuspected.


Mozart on stage in Amadeus, Jean de La Fontainein the movies and an impressive Jean-Paul Sartreon the small screen, brilliant actor Lorànt Deutschis also a keen student of history and hopelessly in lovewith Paris and France.


Publication date: September 2009

Pages: 384

Rights sold: English worldwide, German, Italien, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Polish, Lithuanian

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