The boob war

I don’t want people to make kitten eyes at me, I don’t need pity, but cosmic energy! And if it means you checkyour boobs or your partner’s, well so much the better!

“Breast cancer.” When the doctor pronounced that terrible diagnosis in February 2014, Lili was just 29 years old.But not the kind of woman to wallow in self-pity, she decided to use her talents as a graphic artist to tell the storyof her battle against the disease in humorous cartoons on a blog. She named her tumor Günther. An “orchestratedmassacre” was launched to eliminate him.

On the Web, the vibrant, outspoken Lili explored every side of her new daily life to exorcise its demons: learningshe was sick, the reactions of people around her, contacts with the medical world, her very personal tips… Sheexamined tests, treatments, symptoms and genetics, as well as femininity, healthy living and human relations –all self-deprecatingly dissected with a single aim: to inform without over-dramatizing… or, above all, trivializing.

Invasion, the first volume published by Michel Lafon, includes posts from her highly popular blog and newillustrations. It tells the story of Lili’s battle with Günther, right up until her breast surgery.


Aurélie ‘Lili’ Sohn, a young Frenchwoman living in Canada, was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2014.She immediately started a picture blog (which she named Ciao Günther) to share her experience of the diseasewith friends and family back across the Atlantic.


Publication date: March 2015

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