Versailles, the dream of a king

In order to tame the French nobility and enforce his absolute power, Louis launches the construction of Versailles just as he would set a trap: «A brand new France is born and this palace shall be her cradle». Still haunted by the memory of the Fronde, an opposition lead by the nobility against his father, Louis lets his wariness turn slowly to paranoia.

But Louis XIV proves himself to be an extraordinary strategist, manipulative and Machiavellian, and “reinvents” Versailles to keep the nobles out of Paris and under his control. He creates a gilded prison out of his famous palace.

He is capable of great passions as well, but how could he ever live them out freely when he is the most powerful king in the world? Court becomes a battlefield of sincere and tactical liaisons alike, while the Queen, Maria Theresa of Austria, fights to keep her King. Could she win him back against his powerful mistress, the sister of the King of England?

From the prominent courtier to the humble villager, historical and fictional characters cross paths and lead us in a labyrinth of treasons and hushed secrets, of political schemes and declarations of war. A Versailles depicted in all its glory, in all its violence.

Versailles, the dream of a king is a political drama that revolves around the troubled, emotive personality of the Sun King. The book reveals a king who feels threatened by his brother, Philippe of Orleans, and has an obsessive craving for total control. Vulnerable yet inflexible in his quest for absolute power and respect, despite his privileged birth, he will need all his vitality and intelligence to achieve his goal.Reminiscent


British screenwriter DAVID WOLSTENCROFT is best known for his work on the TV series MI-5. He is also the celebrated author of two spy novels.SIMON MIRREN has gained global acclaim for his work on the TV series Criminal Minds and Walking the Dead. Together they sweep the reader away to the realm of the Sun King and unveil the secrets of the world’s most beautiful palace’s construction. American writer ELIZABETH MASSIE has written several historical novels and the novelization of The Tudors TV series. This time she is inviting readers to discover or rediscover the flamboyant grandeur and fascinating intrigues of the Court of Versailles.


Publication date: November 2015

Pages: 352

Rights of the series sold: US, UK, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Japan, Poland, Bulgaria, Netherlands

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