Wild by nature

"Over the first 3 months, the body and mind are cleansed. After that, your body no longer hurts and the mind is freed."

Hiking: an ancestral practice known as a form of meditation to monks, one that Sarah Marquis made her own. 


In the extraordinary book, she describes her fantastic walk, wich lasted from 2010 to May 2013. Armed only with a 30 kilo backpack, she experienced the superb scenery of Lake Baikal and the lush jungle of Laos, the wild splendor of the wolves of Siberia and the snow leopards of the Gobi desert, and had surprising encounters with very different people (for instance, when she was threatened by drug traffickers after crossing an opium field). 

She also had to deal with hostile climates, the daily struggle to find food and other impromptu adventures. ("never put up your tent at night, you could be woken by snakes struggling to escape from their den !". During her 20 000 kilometer odyssey, she willingly embraced different hardships: cold, hunger, pain and extreme solitude. 

Her rewards was the majesty of the landscapes she saw and an inner journey that allowed her to develop the philosophy of movement she shares with us in this book today. 


At the age of 41, Sarah Marquis decided to leave her peaceful, uneventful life in the swiss mountains and set out on an extreme adventure. After saving up and finding partners, she achieved her dream: a 20 000 kilometer hike in the heart of nature. 


Publication date: May 2014

Pages: 304

Rights sold: English, German, Italian

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