The luxury of Hell

Sexy and feisty, Rosie Maldonne is a young mother of three, whose only income is her welfare check. She livesin an old trailer on a waste lot not far from Cannes and continually has to call on all her innate ingenuity to makeends meet. Then, one day, luck seems to smile on her: a great wad of cash drops on her from out of the blue! Butnow the troubles begin. She is confronted by one mystery after another. Who is the excessively cute cop she keepsrunning into? Why has her best friend vanished with her baby? Is it really the Russian mafia on her heels?

Will her windfall propel her into the lap of luxury or the bowels of hell? A feminine comedy thriller with a direct,funny, fluent style, engaging characters and a plot packed with twists. The reader will love every page of this firstRosie Maldonne investigation!


ALICE QUINN has a lot in common with Rosie Maldonne, the heroine of her first novel, Un Palace en enfer (TheLuxury of Hell). Like Rosie, she lives in the South of France, is disorganized, has children and cats and knows allabout relying on her wits to survive. She has done all kinds of jobs and likes chocolate cookies (but in moderation,she can no longer just shrug off those extra pounds), sushi and green tea. She is now concentrating on her writingfollowing the tremendous success of this self-published first novel, and remains true to her influences: Westlake,Camilleri, Liza Cody and Lawrence Block. 


Publication date: January 2015

Pages: 320 

Rights available: English, spanish

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