Your health is worth more than a slogan !

Backed by incontrovertible proof, the author demonstrates how science refutes the constant claims of marketingand encourages us to trust in medicine and enjoy life again!

When Pr. Raoult showed that the probiotics in yogurt are contributing to the obesity epidemic that is harmingour children, he forced Danone, the world’s biggest agri-food multinational, to back down and stopped it fromclaiming that its Activia and Actimel dairy products were nutraceuticals. Just one depressing example of whatis becoming standard practice: our health is now a political and marketing target, and advertisers are ready touse misleading and sometimes untruthful slogans, and play the fear card. In this book, Pr. Raoult corrects somecommon misconceptions and helps us to see things differently.

- Why point an accusing finger at e-cigarettes and aspartame when they are clearly less harmful thantobacco or sugar?

- Alcohol consumption is always said to be noxious and excessive, yet wine reduces the incidence ofcardiovascular disorders and strokes. Three glasses of wine a day cuts average mortality.

- Obesity is an issue? Absolutely, but then so is obsessing over your figure: thin people have a shorter lifeexpectancy than those who are slightly overweight.-

The claimed benefits of the ‘Mediterranean diet’ – or how to fail to differentiate between an exceptionalliving environment and the virtues of foodstuffs.

Not to mention the scam of water for babies, harmful dietary supplements, the folly of unprescribed vitamins…


Acclaimed worldwide for his work on infectious diseases, microbiology professor DIDIER RAOULT is ranked asone of France’s top ten researchers by the eminent scientific journal Nature. He also writes on health for Le Pointmagazine every week.

Publication date: April 2015 

Pages: 220

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