Love à la parisienne

Wich woman has never asked her girlfriends, "Why do you think he hasn't called me back?" Who can say they have never been tempted by the prospect of a wild night of passion with a passing stranger ? Who has never wondered how you go about finding  a man who will make you laugh, moan with pleasure and feel you can be yourself with him ? Or wondered how to stay sexy, independant, funny and inventive while living with someone - whether just for a year or for the time it takes to have five children ?

The parisienne is the quintessential contradictory woman, who wants men to open her car door but let her drive. She is heir to a thousand legendary ladies in love and lives life in the fast lane in the most romantic city in the world. So who could better celebrate love, life, freedom, frivolity and the joy of dining in bed with a lover who has become a part of your world ? 

A hymn to women, love and fiercely independent Parisiennes, this lively, lighthearted, spicy volume uninhibitedly explores every side of the issue and reminds us thaht love goes hand in hand with humor. It is the literary equivalent of an evening with caring, funny girlfriends who have a gift for defusing problems and helping you love freely... as a true, tender, untamed Parisienne. 


FLORENCE BESSON  has worked as a journalist at ELLE magazine for fifteen years. She has reported from Iraq, interviewed Hillary Clinton... and especially spent hours discussing amorous issues with her Parisian girlfriend. 

EVA AMOR is a lawyer, so she never sits in judgement. Although Eva is always busy, she still finds time to strategize her girlfriends'love lives, offering them irreverent but very relevant advice. 

CLAIRE STEINLEN is a journalist and the mother of 4 children. She has been with the same man for 20 years. Undying love is tough work, but also involves a lot of spontaneous laughter. 

SOPHIE GRIOTTO has captured with her drawings very different worlds, from Lolita Lempicka to Caudalie and Jean Paul Gaultier to Dior. 


Publication date: April 2016

Pages: 204

Rights sold: Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, UK, Australia, Taiwan

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