Celibadtrip is: 

-The (almost true) story of a single woman (the author) who wants, but fails, to be in a relationship - the more she looks, the less she finds, until she finally gives up. And then...

-The tragic-comic tale of a reluctant singleton - with romantic misadventures, terrible and/or funny experiences and moments of despair - but above all an experience of loneliness for which she was not prepared. 

-A book that conveys the single life for what it is: the way of life of a generation thaht is developing without reference points other than itself. 

-A voyage of discovery that plunges us into the head (and body) of a single woman.

-Gonzo journalism written in the second person, recounted with nerve and guts. (Example: "if the word 'masturbation' scares you and you are too romantic to practise it, don't worry: fuck buddies exist.")

- The account of a personal renaissance and the journey across the desert to life-saving liberation. 


Publication date: April 2016

Pages: 224

Rights available: world

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