Once upon a time in the metro

For the sparkling Maya, the best thing in her daily routine of subway, work and sleep is taking the subway. Sheloves to watch other passengers and imagine their lives. As head of haircare in the marketing division of BeautyCorp, she also gets ideas for groundbreaking shampoos and lotions in the subway. One morning at Saint-Lazarestation, she has a surprising and unexpected encounter when she meets Roger, a homeless man who survives byselling the Guide to Budget Eateries. Maya decides to help Roger by working out a marketing strategy for him. Shesets herself a goal: to come up with an original idea that will encourage people to give him a little more moneyand help him out of the vicious circle he is in – no home so no job, and no job so no home.


The author: 

Karen Merran is marketing officer for a haircare product brand. She spends her free time writing. In fact,she began to write in the Paris Metro subway, where her daydreams inspired this first, highly successful novel!

Publication date: June 2016

Pages: 288

Rights sold: Korea, Germany

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