Phone Play

At a high school in Oxford, England, a boy in his senior year plays at flirting with girls by SMS and getting them to fall in love with him. Hepromises them just one thing: if any of them can find out who he is, he will belong to her and do anything she tells him. So far, none of the girls has managed to uncover his identity. 

One evening, the serial lothario sends a message to Alyssa, a student in the 11th grade who has never heard from him before: "If you find out who I am, I'll be yours."

So what happens when a stranger challenges you to play this mysterious game ? And how far is Alyssa prepared to go in her efforts to unmask him ? 

The author: 

Morgane Bicail was barely 14 when she made a name for herself with a number of successful stories published on Wattpad. Her french fan fiction Phone Play, the most widely read on the new network, is especially popular with teenagers. 


Publication date: January 2016

Pages: 308

Rights available: world

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