My husband, M.

She is beautiful and intelligent, and became a highly successful writer with her very first book. Others followed. Now nearly 40, she loves her husband, who idolizes her in return. But then their ten years of happiness begin to sour horribly. Her husband, also an academic (but no genius) begins to throw her furtive, hate-filled glances. 

Meanwhile, we learn that a serial killer is terrorizing their neighborhood. In no mood to write (which adds to her distress), she begins to study the mysterious behaviour of the elusive assassin as a distraction from her failing culture and formidable perspicuity urges her to develop her profiling. She digs deeper... Not a good idea at all...

Follows a plunge deep into the psyche of a woman anguished by the breackdown of her marriage. When she turns her back on that situation which she cannot control, her denial places her in grat danger. 



Born in Buenos Aires, after graduating as a jurist, Marcela Iacub specialized in labor law and then bioethics when she moved to Paris in 1989. She also became a researcher at the French National Center for Scientific Research and a columnist for Liberation newspaper. Author of around twenty works (mainly essays), she is famous for her strong views on such subjects as marriage, adoption, sexuality and vegetarianism. Based on her relationship with DSK, her bestselling novel Belle et bête (Stock 2013) caused an uproar in the media. Marcela Iacub is a popular, controversial, intellectual figure whose novel writing splendidly reflects her complex personality. 


Publication date: January 2016

Pages: 224

Rights available: world

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