Prince charming cheats

Once upon a time, there was a delightful princess named Cathy, who was hopelessly in love with her Prince Charming, whose name was Ben. For four years, the happy, devoted couple had been living a fairytale existence in their sumptuous palace two-bedroom apartment in Paris. 

But of course, what fairytales fail to tell us is that Prince Charmings can (sometimes) cheat... Ben is a compulsive ladie's man. He lives for love, sex and screwdrivers... until he loses his mother. His life is suddenly turned upside down and he begins to suffers from terrible panic attacks. Then he meets Claire, a very direct therapist and life coach, who challenges him to accept one thing: that Cathy has the right to do the same as him. Now Ben's nightmare begins. He is one hundred percent in favor of free love...but only for himself. The prince - who is turning out to be not so charming - finds himself embroiled in a series of hilarious affairs that will force him to face up to the truth...

Ondine Khayat is the author of 4 novels. The first of them, Lucine, published in 2007, won the Henri Verneuil Prize. She is a novelist of great commitment, a psychology graduate and a trained "Approach Focused on the Person" therapist. 

Publication date: March 2015

 Pages: 304

Rights available: world

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