Happy people read and drink coffee

Suffice it to read the title of this novel and you instantly want to settle on a sofa to start reading the book. A heartbreakingnovel, in the vein of Anna Gavalda & Cecilia Ahern, that has already seduced many readers worldwide…A novel about mourning, love, reconstruction.

The acute voice of a woman who tries to get herself together after the death of her husband and daughter in a car accident.

“Happy People” is the story of Diane, a woman paralysed by her pain, who one day decides to run away from thepeople and places that bind her to the unbearable memories of her daughter and husband. She chooses Irelandas healing destination, the country her husband would have love to go to. She leaves for a small Irish seasidetown where she settles down in a cottage owned by a colourful couple, whose nephew Edward lives right acrossthe street. When the two meet, they immediately hate each other. Slowly, Diane and Edward lower their guard,and love is right around the corner. But when Diane runs into Edwards’ unfaithful ex-fiancé, she is completelybroken. What shall she do : fight for Edward’s love, give up and get back to her sorrow or leave Ireland and goback to Paris?

The answer is in the last pages of the novel...

Publication date: June 2013

Pages: 208

Rights sold: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Hebrew, Polish, Norwegian, Estonian, Bulgarian, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Ukranien, Romanian, Serbian, Czech, Slovak, Swedish, Greek, Hungarian, France gros caractère, Coatia, Danemark, Finland, Slovenia

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