Hapinness slips through my fingers

Iris has been in love with fashion since early childhood. Creating dresses for her dolls or outfits for her friends,she has been designing clothes for years. Her dream is to work in haute couture. But when she secretly appliesto a fashion school, she gets no answer. Reluctantly, she gives in to her parents, who dismiss her ambition as asilly fantasy. What Iris does not know is that they actually opened and destroyed the school’s letter of acceptance,determined to put an end to her ‘foolish fancies’.

The young woman resigned to a provincial middle-class existence. The doctor she married neglects her, seemingonly to care about his career at the hospital. She has a job at a bank, but has never enjoyed it. All that changes oneday, though, when Iris learns of her parents’ betrayal and decides to get her life back on track.

Determined to follow her own star, and win back her husband, she applies for a training course in a prestigiousfashion workshop in Paris. When she is accepted, her husband is initially dubious, but finally agrees that sheshould try her luck. Thrilled and nervous, Iris moves to the Paris. She has 6 months to make her dream come true.In Paris, Iris discovers a whole new world. She realizes just how talented a designer she is and meets Marthe, adisturbing, dictatorial muse of the fashion world, and Gabriel, an irritating but irresistibly charming Lothario…with a secret!

As the woman’s search for her identity unfolds, the novel carries us off on a magnificent and gripping adventure.


Publication date: June 2014

 Pages: 336

Rights sold: German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Ukranian, Portuguese, korean, romanian, Czech, Japanese, Danemark,  France gros caractère

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