Don't worry, life's easy

"He sad set me on the path to release from my duty of loyalty to Colin. I finally felt free of him, too, and was ready to open up to others."

Diane came back from Ireland a year ago. Since then, she has turnes the page of her stormy relationship with Edward and is now determined to rebuild her life in Paris. Helped by Félix, she is focusing solely on getting her kind and literary café back on track. And it was there, at the Gens..., her little haven of peace, that she met Olivier. He is get over the loss of her daughter, so motherhood is no longer an option, but she may have a future with Olivier... at least, she thinks so. 

Then Olivier takes her to an exhibition on Ireland, convinced she will enjoy it. It stirs up old memories. Suddenly, Diane is overwhelmed by emotion when she hears what sounds like Edward's voice. It comes as a shock when she realizes she is not daydreaming: he is really there, in person ! But what is he doing in Paris ? Why did he not let her know ? Or get in touch ? Faced with this hail of questions, Edward remains cold and unresponsive. Apparently, he, too, has drawn a line under their love. But has he ? And what secret has raised this wall of silence between them ? If she is to put the past behind her once and for all, Diane must go back over her tracks. Ireland saved her before. Can she get answers there and find peace again ? 

Agnès Martin-Lugand is the author of the bestsellers Les gens heureux lisent et boivent du café (Happy people read and drink coffee) and Entre mes mains le bonheur se faufile (hapiness slips through my fingers). The first sold more than 250,000 copies in France and is soon to be made into a motion picture. Ne t'inquiète pas la vie est facile is its sequel. 


Publication date: April 2015

 Pages: 320

Rights sold: US, Spain, Germany, Romania, Portugal, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech, Slovak, Greek, Serbia, Sweden, Finland, France gros caractère

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