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In 10 years, Yael has gone from being a carefree parti gorl to an ambitious career woman who lives for her job. When her first love suddenly shows up on the scene once again, her fragile equilibrium is threatened. 

Yael is an interpreter for a big international agency; this 35-year-old woman hardly ever sees her old friends any more. When her best friend, Marc suddenly and inexplicably disappeared 10 years ago, Yael threw herself body and soul into work. Then one day, she bumps into Marc, who now owns an antique shop. She goes on vacation in the south of France with Marc and their old friends. In just a faw days, her whole outlook on life changes. With the help of Marc, for whom her feelings are growing, she gets back in touch with her carefree old self. 

Once back in Paris, their love will take time to blossom, bacause Yael falls back into her lifestyle of the past few years. But her concerns about being abandoned by Marc one again will help her understand that in order to really enjoy both her professional success and her love for Marc, she needs to strike a balance between her personal and professional lives. This is a novel that invites readers to reflect upon life's most important decisions. 


Agnès Martin-Lugand is the author of the bestsellers Les gens heureux lisent et boivent du café (Happy people read and drink coffee) and Entre mes mains le bonheur se faufile (hapiness slips through my fingers). The first sold more than 250,000 copies in France and is soon to be made into a motion picture. Ne t'inquiète pas la vie est facile is its sequel. 


Publication date: April 2016

 Pages: 400

Rights sold: Russia, Bulgaria, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, France gros caractère

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