Since Captain Victor Coste's last investigation, things seem much quieter at the SDPJ 93... but his increasingly close-knit team has a little time to enjoy the breather. In the space of just one week, three young drug kingpins are summarily executed and the police officers find themselves caught up in a brutal, inexplicable war. 

Bricks of cocaine stashed in pensioners'homes, the 13-year-old boss of a psycho gang, shadowy militias recruited in boxing clubs funded by the local authority, a deputy major found tortured and murdered in his appartment, a politician's daughter coming under fire as she leaves school... Coste is dealing with a gang of merceliess outlaws who all seem intent on triggering a bloody revolution. 

So who are the criminals responsible for this growing slaughter, which threantens to rip the city apart ? 

Olivier Norek brilliantly crafted second novel plunges us into a new series of naturally human tragedies, lightened only by the cop's humor. Its tangled web of criminal intrigues (not nearly as fictional as one might hope) is set in a sinister world where even the killers are puppets. 


Olivier Norek is a police detective. He has served for fifteen years with the Search and Investigation Department of the SDPJ 93, was a great critical succes. In Turfs, his second thriller, the (mis)adventures of Captain Victor Coste and his team continue. 

Publication date: May 2014

Pages: 304

Rights sold: Czech, english world, Russia

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