Solitide and Solidarity

Solitide and Solidarity

100 years after Albert Camus’ birth, his daughter Catherine Camus shares this album of mementoes with us. She offers here new insights into thepersonal and untold world of Camus and pays tribute to the great writer and key figure of the 20th century literature.

From his childhood in Algeria to the Nobel Prize, from his French Resistance underground newspaper Combat to L’Étranger (The Stranger), she looks back over the life of the activist, journalist, playwright, novelist and philosopher who, throughout his life and through his writing, took a stand against the deathpenalty, the injustices of communism and colonialism, and many other wrongs.

Presenting previously unpublished family photos, pictures of Algeria,newspaper articles, manuscripts, posters and theatrical records, Catherine Camus tells the story of her father and takes us on a tour of the Camusarchives. An intimate account of a great figure of the 20th century!

• new insights into the personal universe of albert camus

• previously unpublished family pictures, manuscripts & posters

• an unique book for the 100 years birth anniversary

Born in 1945, CATHERINE CAMUS is the daughter of Albert Camus and the twin sister of Jean Camus. For the first time, she shares her memories of herfather in this moving souvenir album.

Publication date: october 2013

Pages: 208

Illustrations: 250

Format: 28x 33 hardcover

Rights sold: english world, german, spanish, chinese, polish

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